Let's get that door of yours a handle!

If you have ever gotten frustrated by the process involved in giving directions, worry not. There is a startup focused on fixing precisely that!

I have recently had the honour of interacting with two very experienced developers who are working on an awesome project. The project is called MyDoorHandle and it allows people to instantly create and share “DoorHandles”, which contain location coordinates, route guidance, optional description and photos. As their website puts it:

DoorHandles are short, memorable weblinks that point to any physical location.

Whether you are an individual, business, event organiser or just want to share an address with others, share it with a DoorHandle.


I found this idea to be truly ingenious because it transforms the painful job of giving directions into a two-click task. For the developing countries and poorly mapped regions, the effect is tenfold: one no longer needs to look for landmarks, waste airtime on directions and so on - those with the app can do it in a few clicks and swipes. Those without it can just share the friendly web link to that location via SMS or any other means. 

The guys took the time to craft a whole API (Application Programming Interface) for it, for those who want to plug the service into their app.

Take it for a spin! :)